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Important 2019 W-2 Information and Tax Updates

The primary focus for this year’s W-2 season is to offer you early access to your 2019 W-2 by simply registering for electronic delivery.  Please review the following fast approaching deadlines and act immediately.  For your convenience, direct links have been provided throughout this communication.     

Prior to W-2 issuance:

o   Electronic delivery affords you early access to your 2019 W-2, which is tentatively scheduled for January 25, 2020.

o   Reprints of your 2019 W-2 are free through October 15, 2020 when your 2019 W-2 is delivered electronically.

Post W-2 issuance:

If you need additional assistance, please call our W2 Hotline at 866-692-6695.

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