Employment Verification

Employment Verification

For more consistent and accurate release of information, our company uses The Work Number.

All employment verifications, with the exception of D.O.T. verifications, are referred to The Work Number (TWN). To obtain employment dates, job title or wages, verifiers should go to www.theworknumber.com or they can call TWN to retrieve the information. Phone numbers will depend on the type of verification required:

* Commercial verifications (Lender, etc.): 800.367.5690
* Social Services (benefits, housing etc.): 800.660.3399

Please note, you will need to know our Employer codes for using this system which are as follows:

* 11462 (EmployBridge)
* 18187 (Colleagues/full time permanent staff)

There is a nominal fee for using TWN if the verifier is not already registered as a user.

For questions regarding TWN please contact the Subpoenas and Verifications Department at [email protected] 

EmployBridge reserves the right to withhold any information regarding an employee’s work performance or other personal details. The information contained in the completed verification will be limited to dates of employment, position, and wages. Additional information available on The Work Number www.theworknumber.com.

Employee Data Report and/or Salary Key Instructions: For your information, you may view your free, annual Employee Data Report or  generate a Salary Key.

Verification Response Card: If you are interested in something to provide verifiers when they seek to gain verification information on you, you may offer them a Verification Response Card which can be obtained through your branch, or send your request to [email protected]

Employees may register for free on The Work Number to access and monitor their work history information. ID will be your full SSN, (123456789) password will be last 4 digits of your SSN and year of birth (67891990).