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The Select Advantage.

In today's environment, with more jobs than job seekers, job seekers have more options than ever. To recruit and retain the top talent in a competitive marketplace, we partner with you to seek out the most qualified candidates who perform at the highest level by understanding not only their skills and strengths, but also their personalities, motivations and goals. For you, that means workers who add value to your business and stick around to grow with your company.

But all staffing companies promise they have the best employees… so how is Select different?

Complete Elite
 only accept the best.
You only get the best.

Every potential candidate looking for a job must pass our five-step application and screening process to ensure that essential job functions and behavioral traits are in line with individual’s abilities and personality in order to be matched with a job opening. If a candidate does not meet our stringent standards, they are dismissed from the hiring process. Our recruitment process ensures that only the best come through your doors.

Learn more about our Recruiting, Screening & Selection services:

Insight Integrity Profiling - Our integrity screening system designed to identify those with integrity issues.
ProveIt Skills Assessments - Web-based tests to gauge skills levels in over 650 areas.
Working Interview - Observe our candidate on the job for four hours with guaranteed satisfaction.
Complete Elite Signature - In-depth screening personalized to your company’s needs and requirements.