Report Fraud

$1,000 Cash Reward for reporting fraudulent claims that result in conviction.

What constitutes Workers’ Compensation fraud?

  • Faking injuries
  • Exaggerating symptoms
  • Claiming a non-work injury as a work-related injury
  • Working elsewhere while allegedly disabled
  • Receiving unnecessary testing or treatment from a doctor
  • Billing for medical services not provided

Select has an award-winning Risk Management program and a strong track record of success in pursuing temporary employees who seek to file fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

  • Our claims analysts scrutinize every claim to ensure its legitimacy.
  • We utilize private investigators to ensure the claim is valid and legitimate where circumstances surrounding a claim seem suspicious.
  • We pursue all available remedies to protect our interests when we believe an associate has filed a fraudulent claim.
  • We partner with state and federal law enforcement officials to prosecute associates who file fraudulent workers’ comp claims and have secured convictions resulting in jail time and the payment of large penalties and fines.

For more information about how we take care of our associates, visit our Risk Management page!