Direct Placement

We get people… who fit with you.

Select Staffing’s Direct Placement Group recruits and selects talented job seekers who are looking for longevity and growth at a thriving business. Our proven recruitment and assessment process guarantees that we find professionals who have the exact skill set and personality that will fit your industry and company.

Proactive Recruiting
At Select, we customize our recruiting techniques to your needs. We utilize practical strategies that make sure we send you only candidates who fit your business. By using referrals, social media, mobile outreach, and industry networking, we find the best talent in your market and send them your way… before one of your competitors can snatch them up.

The Right Candidate for You
Our assessment and selection tools test for knowledge, skills, behavior, and personality. Additionally, we use behavioral screening to judge work ethic, communication style, and teamwork capabilities, giving you a full 360 degree profile of the candidate and making sure they are the right fit for the job, the company, and the manager.

Manager Match Performance Management
When employees leave a company, you can be sure that it’s because of their direct manager. A positive relationship between employee and manager is the key to retention. Select Staffing’s Manager Match assessment matches the personality traits of job seekers to your management style. We then arrange a private phone consultation with an industrial psychology counselor, providing you with the insight you need to bring out the best in every person you hire.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
If our candidate resigns or is terminated for cause during the first 30 days of employment, Select will conduct a new search at no additional charge.

“Having been unsuccessful in trying to fill a direct hire position ourselves over the course of a few months, the team at Select was able to find us the perfect candidate much more quickly than we could have. They were in constant communication with me and I appreciated the follow-through on our questions.” – Hope Marcela, Paige Mechanical Group

To learn more about our expertise in direct placement, contact your local Select representative.