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Branch No: 80025
28053 Smyth Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 295-0066

Available Positions

1 positions available.

Information Technology $28.00HR


1)      Maintaining a UniBasic based warehouse management program.

  1. Development as required to manage changes/modifications and error maintenance

2)      Experience with Microsoft .NET Development (C# and Visual Basic), knowledge of ASP.NET Web Development is a plus

3)      Experience with Web Services and XML based data transfer

4)      Experience with SQL based databases, using and creating SQL Queries/T-SQL

5) web development, a plus


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Staff Bios

Yuri Abraamyan Area Manager Contact Yuri Abraamyan
Jasmine Aguilar Payroll Administrator Contact Jasmine Aguilar
Josefina Chacon Personnel Supervisor Contact Josefina Chacon
Gloria Cubas Administrative Assistant Contact Gloria Cubas
Stacy Dredge Personnel Supervisor Contact Stacy Dredge
Vanessa Gomez Personnel Manager Contact Vanessa Gomez
Nancy Gonzalez Personnel Supervisor Contact Nancy Gonzalez
Jennifer Hernandez Administrative Assistant Contact Jennifer Hernandez
Dagoberto Herrera Administrative Assistant Contact Dagoberto Herrera
Erica Huerta Area VP Contact Erica Huerta
Alex Lomeli Administrative Assistant Contact Alex Lomeli
Alexandra Lomeli Administrative Assistant Contact Alexandra Lomeli
Zulema Mendez Payroll Supervisor Contact Zulema Mendez
Zahira Olvera Administrative Assistant Contact Zahira Olvera
Martha Pena On-Site Supervisor Contact Martha Pena
Seth Rogers Account Representative Contact Seth Rogers
Clarissa Shaver Office Administrator Contact Clarissa Shaver
Nidia Tomassian Recruiter Contact Nidia Tomassian
Stephanie Torres Administrative Assistant Contact Stephanie Torres
Mayra Wilridge Payroll Administrator Contact Mayra Wilridge
Lindsay Zelaya Personnel Supervisor Contact Lindsay Zelaya