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SUMMARY  The Shipping Clerk is responsible for accurately distributing the sales order pick list by customer, while paying attention to due dates, priorities, method of shipment, and other special instructions provided by the customer and the Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s).  The proper distribution of pick tasks allows for control and more robust process in pick/pack/ship resulting in external and internal customer satisfaction.  Overall expectations are satisfied customers, team members, and maximum savings for the organization.   The Shipping Clerk is responsible for 1 to 3 customer accounts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



Ensure that shipping goals and schedule are met to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction: Distribute Sales Order pick lists accurately and timely:

  1. Print and release Sales order pick lists.
  2. Organize Sales order pick lists by customer and priority.  Identify special requests from the customer and/or Customer Service Representatives.
  3. Ability to coordinate with different departments to ensure items short to Sales orders are produced and released.
  4. Ensure all Sales orders are shipped by lead-time standards.
  5. Ensure all finished goods from production are inter-company transferred to Customer owned facility.
  6. Manage, identify, and communicate aging finished goods.
  7. Ability to create shipments using 3rd party software, i.e. UPS, Fedex Ship Manager, DHL, etc.
  8. Process and enter STO orders in SAP.
  9. Generate packing lists and Bill of Ladings using Deacom, or 3rd party TMS (Truck Management Systems).
  10. Organize and schedule shipping appointments with carriers.

 Administrative Duties:

 Identify qualities of Material Handler pickers to ensure accuracy in picking and packing.

  1. Identify the needs for additional resource to fulfill picking tasks in peak season.
  2. Organize Sales orders pick lists by dates and schedule accordingly.
  3. Request cycle counts to be performed for inventory discrepancies.
  4. General knowledge on SAP inventory systems.
  5. Investigate and shipping shortages and communicate findings.
  6. Attend monthly safety meetings.
  7. Ensure carriers provide proper identification and pickup information when picking up freight.
  8. Communicate issues and challenges to Warehouse Manager.
  9. Ensure office team members and drivers are following safety and security SOP’s.

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Associate technician performs minor routine service functions including cleaning, disassembling, and preparing assemblies and sub-components in accordance with written specifications and procedures before and after overhaul. Incumbent reviews work orders and manuals to ensure specifications; Performs visual inspection of acceptable standards before continuing in the overhaul process. Completes documents and forms in accordance with the work task performed.  Keeps area clean and organized.  Follows company procedures-

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