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5 ideas to help you reduce stress before a big interview


5 ideas to help you reduce stress before a big interview

If you're coming up on a new job opportunity and the prospect of the interview itself has you a bit nervous, don't worry: Most job seekers have certainly felt that kind of anxiety at one point or another. However, that knowledge alone might not be enough to help you ease your nerves, so the following tips will likely provide a little extra help.

Not all of these might work for you, but at least one of them probably will, so read on to find a solution that could help you go from nervous to confident:

1) Picture yourself crushing it

In some cases, you may be anxious because you're thinking about all the ways your interview could go wrong, according to Job Hunt. Flip the script on that feeling by thinking instead about how you're going to be able to really wow your interviewer with some astute answers and insights they're not going to get from another candidate. Positive visualization can be a huge difference-maker in easing stress.

2) Do a little more research

If you're afraid you're going to say the wrong thing or have to admit you just don't know much about something a hiring manager is asking you, there's an easy solution: Do more homework, Job Hunt said. While you can certainly over-prepare for an interview, a quick look at the common questions you're likely to face for this particular role, or in a given industry, will give you a little more confidence to go forward.

3) Psych yourself up

Everyone has that song or two they love that makes them feel like they can run through a wall, so putting together a playlist to listen to beforehand can make you feel a lot better about heading into the meeting, according to Career Builder. With that just-right tune, you'll be able to get yourself into a more confident, driven head space and walk into the office with a larger degree of confidence.

4) Eat well first

It's always a good idea to get a good meal or filling snack - but not one that's too heavy - before a job interview because it's both fuel for your body and one less thing you have to worry about, Career Builder advised. With the right food, you'll be able to keep functioning at a high level, but it's wise to avoid anything that could come with a "crash" after you consume it, such as energy drinks.

5) Give yourself time to relax first

It's often said that you should aim to get to job interviews somewhat early, usually about 10 or 15 minutes, but giving yourself even more time than that can be good if you're nervous, according to U.S. News & World Report. Whether you arrive to an office building and wait in the lobby downstairs, or sit in your car in the parking lot, getting a few minutes to take some deep breaths, review your notes, focus and otherwise try to de-stress could be a big-time game-changer.