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7 tips to save time on a candidate search


7 tips to save time on a candidate search

When you're in the midst of looking for a candidate to fill an open position, you may often feel like you're squeezed for time. After all, there are meetings to schedule, resumes to sift through, calls to make, emails to answer and more - all on top of your everyday duties.

How can you manage your time more effectively and still find the right person for the job? The following steps should help:

1) Set out your daily tasks in advance

Most of the time, you know what you need to do on any given day, according to The Undercover Recruiter. There may be issues that get in the way of those efforts, but if you can make a list of everything you need to accomplish over the course of a work day, it becomes easier to hit all those benchmarks.

2) Start with the hard stuff

When you're making that list, it's usually a good idea to ensure you front-load all the tasks that take more time and attention, The Undercover Recruiter added. That way, you're not pushing yourself to work after hours and have the chance to ease into the end of the day, and can also put off some simpler tasks as needed.

3) Prioritize the most important tasks

Along similar lines, you should never find yourself pushing out work that absolutely, positively has to get done on a deadline, according to Talent Lyft. The sooner you can tackle the stuff that has a clear, inflexible date by which it has to be completed, rather than trying to "cram," the better off you'll be.

4) Keep a long-term to-do list

In addition to your everyday list of tasks, it's also important to avoid getting bogged down in the details and keep the big picture in mind, Talent Lyft said. Having a clear understanding of both the micro and the macro in everything you do will help you stay on course.

5) Don't try to multi-task

Simply put, it's better to give one task your full attention than to divide your attention between two or more things you're trying to do simultaneously, Talent Lyft further advised. Multi-tasking is certainly something that can seem like a good idea when you have 50 things to get through, but you likely won't get through them as quickly as if you tackled them one at a time.

6) Use technology to your advantage

There are so many apps these days that allow you to keep everything organized and in focus, and if you're not using all of them, you may be leaving some efficiency on the table, according to Workable. If you find yourself running into the same problems over and over, investigating tech-based solutions can be a smart solution.

7) Take a look at how you allocated your time

If you have a moment, it can be wise to look back at your past efforts and see what's working well and what hasn't turned out as hoped, Workable noted. With that kind of introspection, you may be able to find more effective ways to move forward and make your candidate search more efficient overall.