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4 tips to find the best candidates for any job


4 tips to find the best candidates for any job

When you're trying to improve your overall hiring process, there are many moving parts you may want to look at and address. There is no perfect process here, and thus no way to guarantee every person you bring aboard will be a great fit for your team. However, the following steps should help bring a little more clarity to identifying who to hire:

1) Give the resume and cover letter a closer look

When people are looking for a new job, they are likely doing so by applying to many different positions in a short period of time, according to The Muse. Keeping a lot of lines in the water is always a good idea for job seekers, but it can lead them to simply change a few details in their cover letters or reshuffle some items on their resumes and call it good enough. If you examine cover letters and resumes a little more carefully, you'll be able to identify the people who cut corners versus those who really put in the necessary work.

2) Have candidates complete a 'trial day'

An interview is all well and good for determining who's going to be a good hire, but it usually won't tell you everything, The Muse advised. To get a bit more information, have candidates spend a day working alongside the people who will become their coworkers. That allows you to see how they perform on the job and work with your current employees.

However, if you decide to use this option, you should make sure you have it in the budget to ensure potential hires are fairly compensated for the trial day. After all, they're taking a day out of their lives to try their hand at a job they may not even get, so they will certainly deserve full pay for the work they put in for your company.

3) Look for interviewees who are eager to learn and grow

While there are a lot of candidates who may be eager to get a job, the ones who stand out the most are often the people who are most excited about their future prospects, according to the Forbes Coaches Council. When people aren't just eager about the job itself, but also the opportunities it will present them to improve their own skills and grow on a whole career path, that will likely show you're you're dealing with someone who's in it for the long haul.

4) Set clearer requirements

It's natural - and often even wise - for job candidates to apply for positions that ask for more qualifications than they may have, according to Indeed. However, it's always a good idea for hiring managers to make sure their job listings are clear on what is a "nice to have" level of experience, and one that's a "no wiggle room" requirement. That will help people avoid wasting their time applying to jobs for which they will be instantly disqualified, and help ensure you only get applications from the most accomplished candidates.

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