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6 things to do before applying for a job


6 things to do before applying for a job

Searching for a new job isn't always easy, whether you already have one or are currently unemployed. But before you even start your search in earnest or send out applications, it's important to ensure you're fully prepared for the rigors of the process.

Below are six must-do tips to help you ensure your job search goes as smoothly and quickly as possible:

1) Clean up your social media

When you apply for a job, one of the first thing hiring managers do is look you up on social media, according to Glassdoor. While some people might think it's advisable to set all your accounts to private and be done with it, there are some companies that might frown on that, fearing you're hiding something. Instead, you should have at least a few public "professional" accounts - including on LinkedIn - that show off a bit of your personality, but also your expertise in your chosen field.

2) Do your research

When you're thinking about applying to any given company, it makes sense to research further. This will not only help you write your cover letter and provide more informed answers in interviews, but often that effort will help you determine whether this is a company you would even want to work for in the first place.

3) Think about what you're looking for

It can be tempting to apply to just about every job that's in an area of interest for you, but it often pays to really consider what you want to do in both the short and long term, according to The Muse. For instance, if you're applying to a lot of companies that demand collaborative work, and you prefer to pursue goals on your own, that might allow you to scratch a bunch of companies off the list straightaway.

4) Consider your strategy

There are many ways to do your job search, but not all of them are going to be right for you, The Muse added. If you already have a job, your current employer may frown upon you actively looking for other work, so you might need to do more to keep your job search confidential. 

5) Write and edit pertinent documents

While you should always strive to customize your cover letter and resume to the specific jobs you are applying for, it helps to at least have a well-done template in place, according to The Balance Careers. Of course, making sure whatever you send reads well and is free of any typos or grammatical errors is a must.

6) Contact your contacts

One of the most effective ways of getting your application moved to the top of the pile, or find out about positions you may be perfect for, is to get in touch with other people you know in your industry, The Balance noted. If you've been in your field for even a year or two, you've likely made connections with others in it, and they might be more than happy to help you through the job search process.

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