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5 tips to relax before a job interview


5 tips to relax before a job interview

It's perfectly natural for any interviewee to enter that meeting with a lot of nerves. After all, if things go well, that interview could change your entire life. However, being nervous doesn't really help guarantee the best possible outcome. As such, you would be wise to find ways to calm down a bit and get yourself fully composed so you can knock the hiring manager's socks off.

The following tips will help you do just that:

1) Focus on breathing

A crucial part of keeping your nerves down and generally staying calm is in your breath, according to The Muse. When you're naturally nervous, you may hold your breath more than you realize, or take shallow, short breaths that increase your tension. But if you focus on taking deep breaths - in through your nose and out through your mouth in equal intervals of a few seconds each - it makes you more mindful of what's going on in your body and helps you relax.

2) Have a banana

It might sound unusual, but experts say it may be true: Bananas potentially contain a lot of nutrients that create a calming effect, The Muse added. The amount of potassium, tryptophan and beta-blockers in one banana could help calm you down a bit. That could be true despite being part of the placebo effect. Even if you're convinced this won't work, taking a few minutes to have a light, healthy snack at least ensures you're properly energized.

3) Take a few minutes for yourself

While career experts recommend you should always strive to be early for your interview, but don't say you should resign yourself to sitting in the lobby, according to The Financial Post. Instead, take a few minutes to sit in your car, or in a coffee shop across the street, and try to relax using some of these techniques. Those extra moments can help you compose yourself, give you a chance to look over any notes at the last second and otherwise help you feel a little more chilled-out.

4) Listen to the right playlist

Music is great at affecting our moods, so use it to your advantage, according to Monster. The music that calms you down when things get stressful, or gets you pumped up for a workout or exciting event, can be quite helpful by putting you in the right mindset. This can allow you to walk into the meeting with added confidence.

5) Give yourself a motivational speech

Another way to give yourself some self-assurance is to duck into a private bathroom, look in the mirror and contemplate all the things you might be concerned with, Monster recommended. Reminding yourself that you only got the interview because they think you're a great candidate, and of the many times you've been successful in your career, is a great idea by helping you to remember you're highly skilled and competent, even if it doesn't necessarily feel like that in the moment.

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