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Available Positions

7 positions available.




Responsible for cleaning/sanitizing different equipment within the line/designated work area


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Include but not limited to the categories listed below. Duties and Responsibilities also encompass other functions as needed and assigned.

Executes tasks/duties assignments in a timely and accurate manner under the directions of the Lead Mechanic

Must understand and consistently adhere to GMP, SOP and safety procedures at all times

Inspects all work area and ensures that line is free from anything that can cause obstruction or delay in the production

Wash out, clean and sanitize production equipment, lines and pumps

Cleans production machinery

Bring compounding liquid to filling lines and ensure that the correct liquid is set up for each filling line

Mop up spills, leaks and making sure safety signs are in place to caution employees on wet floors, oily surfaces and other occupational hazards

Organize work area and make sure that production line is clear, clean and ready for next product run

Participate, as required, in safety and GMP training sessions, and other company training sessions.

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Material Handler


Material Handler Location: Santa Clarita 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts are available.

Job Description: Material handler needed for a cosmetics company. Must have at least 1 year of experience. Must be able to drive a stand up Forklift. Will be pulling orders from inventory in a timely manner.

Responsible for loading, unloading, sorting, staging and transporting products, components, production and inventory related materials into and out of the warehouse.


Other duties may be assigned.

Maintain accurate inventory count, perform end of day inventory count and submit reports to warehouse lead

Conveys materials and items from receiving or production areas to storage or other designated areas

Receives and verifies accuracy of materials and production materials moved in, out and within the warehouse.

Sorts and places materials or items on racks, shelves, or in designated areas in accordance to predetermined sequence or system

Prepares documentation and keeps records amounts of materials or items received or distributed

Assists in performing adjustments and reconciliation on Cycle Counts

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Production - 1st

Santa Clarita CA

Full Time Job Opportunity Available working for a candy company in Santa Clarita. 

Job Description:  Employee will be working in a Warehouse environment. They have various job duties: Packaging candy, dipping candy, working on conveyor machine and watching that the chocolate does not fall off the conveyor machine. 

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Test Technician

Valencia CA


Performs any and all A&T operations within the department.  Tests completed assemblies per ATP using specialized tools.  Refers to technical drawings and written instructions.  Reassembles or reworks rejected parts.

Job Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other tasks and duties may be required as directed.

  • Set-up tests as required.
  • Drill parts using micro-drills and lathes.
  • Read pressure gauges and flow meters and accurately log data to ATP requirements.
  • Swedge noses to form 37° and 45° conical.
  • Lock-wire and torque seal parts.
  • Follow daily dispatch reports and other direction from supervisor.
  • Maintain accurate parts and part count for each job.
  • Install internal components using arbor press and proper fixtures.
  • Identify causes for test failures, rework, and suggest corrective action as required.  Submit to supervisor for approval.
  • Set up and operate micro laser weld machine.
  • Set up and operate drill press for crimp roll.
  • Seek and document lean ideas to improve efficiency in the department.
  • Maintain all hand tools in clean working condition.
  • Notify supervisor of any equipment that requires repair.
  • Keep work station and test equipment clean and free of unnecessary debris.
  • Properly handle and dispose of chemicals used.
  • Maintain all safety standards and use safety equipment as required.
  • Identify any routings discrepancy and notify supervisor so changes can be made if necessary.
  • Read and understand blueprints.
  • Understand basic hydraulic concepts for the function of gauges, flow meters, and assemblies in hydraulic systems.
  • Maintain a 100% quality rating and less than .1% rejected components (caused by tech damage).

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Aerospace company in Valencia, CA seeking to hire 10 Assemblers ASAP.  This is a great opportunity for someone whom is seeking a long lasting/permanent position to work for a reputable year round company.


Job duties
Perform manual  assembly of  aerospace parts. Able to read and follow work instructions

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We are seeking an experienced Molder to work for an aerospace company in the city of Valencia, CA.   Must be able to use measuring tools and work overtime.  Great opportunity for someone who is seeking stability and a long lasting position.

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One the best and cleanest Land field in the Los Angeles County is hiring!

Entry level Maint. Tech

must be able to work 8am- 4:30pm

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Staff Bios

Yuri Abraamyan Area Manager Contact Yuri Abraamyan
Jasmine Aguilar Payroll Administrator Contact Jasmine Aguilar
Josefina Chacon Personnel Supervisor Contact Josefina Chacon
Gloria Cubas Administrative Assistant Contact Gloria Cubas
Stacy Dredge Personnel Supervisor Contact Stacy Dredge
Vanessa Gomez Personnel Manager Contact Vanessa Gomez
Nancy Gonzalez Personnel Supervisor Contact Nancy Gonzalez
Jennifer Hernandez Administrative Assistant Contact Jennifer Hernandez
Dagoberto Herrera Administrative Assistant Contact Dagoberto Herrera
Alex Lomeli Administrative Assistant Contact Alex Lomeli
Alexandra Lomeli Administrative Assistant Contact Alexandra Lomeli
Zulema Mendez Payroll Supervisor Contact Zulema Mendez
Zahira Olvera Administrative Assistant Contact Zahira Olvera
Seth Rogers Account Representative Contact Seth Rogers
Clarissa Shaver Office Administrator Contact Clarissa Shaver
Kathy Sottile
Kathy Sottile Area Vice President Contact Kathy Sottile
Nidia Tomassian Recruiter Contact Nidia Tomassian
Stephanie Torres Administrative Assistant Contact Stephanie Torres
Mayra Wilridge Payroll Administrator Contact Mayra Wilridge
Lindsay Zelaya Personnel Supervisor Contact Lindsay Zelaya