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Branch No: 80025-7324
2260 East Palmdale Blvd.
Suite B
Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: (661) 295-0066

Available Positions

0 positions available.

Due to the effects the Coronavirus is having on our community, our office is working remotely.  We are still interviewing and hiring! You can complete an application online, and we will now do interviews over the phone and/or by video.

Staff Bios

Yuri Abraamyan
Yuri Abraamyan Area Director Contact Yuri Abraamyan
  • Joined Select 2008, 21 years in the industry
Adriana Ibarra
Adriana Ibarra Operations Manager Contact Adriana Ibarra
  • Started with the company in 2004, 13 years in the industry
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Josefina Chacon
Josefina Chacon Staff Performance Manager Contact Josefina Chacon
  • Started with the company in 2010
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Nidia Tomassian
Nidia Tomassian Personnel Supervisor Contact Nidia Tomassian
  • Joined Select February 2016, 9 plus years of recruiting industry
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Lindsay Zelaya
Lindsay Zelaya Personnel Supervisor Contact Lindsay Zelaya
  • Started with the company in 2014, 12 years in recruiting industry
Sonia Palmero
Sonia Palmero Administrator Contact Sonia Palmero
  • Joined Select in 2017, 15 years in the industry
Benjamin Shane Business Development Manager Contact Benjamin Shane
  • Started with the company in 2018
  • LAREIC Member, Los Angeles Real Estate Investor Club
Diana Ubilluz
Diana Ubilluz Personnel Coordinator Contact Diana Ubilluz
  • Joined Select in 2016, 2 years in the industry
Hilda Salgado
Hilda Salgado Staffing Performance Manager Contact Hilda Salgado
  • Joined Select 2017
Walter Elvir
Walter Elvir Staffing Performance Manager Contact Walter Elvir
  • Started with the company in  2017
Kathy Sottile
Kathy Sottile Area Vice President Contact Kathy Sottile
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