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Palmdale, CA 93550
Phone: (661) 295-0066

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Staff Bios

Yuri Abraamyan
Yuri Abraamyan Area Manager Contact Yuri Abraamyan
  • Joined Select 2008, 21 years in the industry
Adriana Ibarra
Adriana Ibarra Operations Manager Contact Adriana Ibarra
  • Started with the company in 2004, 13 years in the industry
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Josefina Chacon
Josefina Chacon Staff Performance Manager Contact Josefina Chacon
  • Started with the company in 2010
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Nidia Tomassian
Nidia Tomassian Personnel Supervisor Contact Nidia Tomassian
  • Joined Select February 2016, 9 plus years of recruiting industry
  • Certified Worker’s Compensation Coordinator
Lindsay Zelaya
Lindsay Zelaya Personnel Supervisor Contact Lindsay Zelaya
  • Started with the company in 2014, 12 years in recruiting industry
Sonia Palmero
Sonia Palmero Administrator Contact Sonia Palmero
  • Joined Select in 2017, 15 years in the industry
Benjamin Shane Business Development Manager Contact Benjamin Shane
  • Started with the company in 2018
  • LAREIC Member, Los Angeles Real Estate Investor Club
Diana Ubilluz
Diana Ubilluz Payroll Assistant Contact Diana Ubilluz
  • Joined Select in 2016, 2 years in the industry
Brenda Colmenero
Brenda Colmenero Personnel Coordinator Contact Brenda Colmenero
  • Joined Select 2015, 3 years in staffing industry
Hilda Salgado
Hilda Salgado Staffing Performance Manager Contact Hilda Salgado
  • Joined Select 2017
Walter Elvir
Walter Elvir Staffing Performance Manager Contact Walter Elvir
  • Joined Select 2017
Kathy Sottile
Kathy Sottile Area Vice President Contact Kathy Sottile
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