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 Job Title:    Line Operator Lead                                 


Supervisor: Production Plant Supervisor



Primarily responsible for setting up, adjusting and maintaining production machinery to ensure efficient processing operations within the plant or specific line assigned to.  Will actively participate in resolving line production issues and provide direction to other associates.

Job Requirements


  1. Responsible for setting up, adjusting and maintaining production machinery to minimize and prevent idling, downtime or loss of product.
  2. Work with other associates to ensure efficient processing of product.
  3. Responsible for maintaining standard line speeds and ensuring sufficient crewing levels on the line.
  4. Responsible for performing daily line revision to ensure machinery is in optimum operating condition; will make basic repairs or adjustments as needed on a daily basis; will make recommendations for repairs or replacement parts as needed.  Will notify the QC Inspector, supervisor or maintenance department of any (food) safety hazards.
  5. Maintain open and positive communication with Quality Control, Processing, Maintenance and other support areas.  Must read and follow production schedule, track and keep records of lot codes.  Responsible and accountable for the daily execution of the production schedule.
  6. Will assume leadership role by giving direction to associates on line.  Will work with Team Leaders in developing and providing training to new associates.
  7. Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area at all times. Must follow all GMP’s and comply with HACCP requirements daily. Responsible for ensuring associates are performing line duties in a safe and clean manner and will notify Team Leaders of deviations from standard practices.
  8. Performs sanitizing as needed and assists with changeovers and preventative maintenance in a timely manner.
  9. Will take an active role in the development and maintenance of a safe work environment, including food safety, fire safety, lockout/tagout, job hazard analysis, workplace safety audits and emergency shutoff procedures.
  10. Assist with or handle special projects as needed.




  1. Visually inspect line prior to start up to assure equipment will operate properly and safely.  Ensure lines are set up according to set guidelines. 
  2. Monitor and document production equipment performance.  Make mechanical adjustments as required, troubleshoot operational problems and work to continually improve line/equipment performance.
  3. Work with Team Leaders to ensure standard line speeds and crewing levels are sufficient.
  4. Read and understand production schedules and ensure daily execution of schedule according to plan; assist with changeovers as needed.
  5. Work and participate effectively in a team environment,  communicating with Quality Control, Maintenance, Production and other support areas to ensure work environment is safe, clean and productive.
  6. Must be able to work a 4-10 work week schedule. Labor-intensive environment requires excellent physical strength and dexterity.


  1. Mechanical ability and knowledge, ability to use hand tools to perform mechanical adjustments to line equipment.
  2. Knowledge of line equipment standards and speeds.
  3. Good judgment to determine when assistance from mechanics is required.
  4. Good leadership ability required to provide direction within a team environment, provide recommendations to Team Leaders and give instructions to associates.



  1. Basic knowledge of electrical controls, hydraulic controls and pneumatics.
  2. Effective communication and interpersonal skills necessary to interact and interface with varying levels of team workers.
  3. Must be able to complete and/or read production schedules, equipment checklists and/or other forms or documents in English.
  4. Must comply with all food safety and workplace safety standards, such as HACCP, GMP’s, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lockout/Tagout and company policies and procedures.
  5. Must know facility evacuation procedures and be able to turn off equipment power in an emergency; must be able to operate fire extinguisher.
  6. Must be self-starter, willing and able to lead by example.
  7. Must possess high school level math abilities.
  8. Must have punctual and dependable attendance.


  1. Math test
  2. Pre-Employment Physical Exam
  3. Drug Screening
  4. Back X-Ray (optional)
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