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#1, the hiring manager has provided some additional feedback that may help you review candidates. The first part of what I’m pasting below is her feedback from a few months past, and the 2nd part is feedback from today. She’s desperate for a good candidate asap: MANAGER FEEDBACK: Pre-Authorization experience needed, not so much claims authorizations. Only basic skills are needed for claims authorization, entering specific codes that are already identified. Pre-Authorization requires calling for insurance eligibility, etc. and is much more complex than claims authorization. 85% of the job is Pre-Authorization, not claims authorization. Not looking for experience with on-line pre-authorization with pharmaceutical (this is not the same at all). ADDITIONAL HIRING MANAGER FEEDBACK 5-23-18 The hiring manager strong prefers experience with Pre-Authorization as stated above. An example of a similar job would be if we call an insurance company (Aetna, Anthem, etc.) and talk to a customer service rep in their call center to get benefit information, find out what our eligibility is, etc.). However, the hiring manager will consider candidates who have worked in a doctor’s office (or similar), doing benefit verification and eligibility, etc. Medical billing experience is not related and isn’t a fit for this need

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Large Medical Device Compact is seeking  Pre- Authorization clerk 

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