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Good pay is good for business, or "what goes around, come around."

Virtuous Cycle: Consequences of Fair, Competitive Pay Rates

Vicious Cycle: Consequences of Low Pay Rates

The importance of pay is stated loud and clear in employee surveys, and just as insistently in business metrics. Pay is #1 in importance to employees across multiple EmployBridge surveys, and is the #1 reason for voluntary separation. This finding was consistent across Select’s sister brands’ surveys: nine years of ProLogistix’s Warehouse Employee Opinion Survey, and two years of ResourceMFG’s Manufacturing Employee Opinion Survey, and the ProDrivers’ Driver Opinion Survey. This represents over 10,000 employees surveyed.

"Helping our associates grow and succeed helps the company do the same." – Judith McKenna COO, Walmart U.S., (recent comments on associate pay raises)

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